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You already have a system installed ?

The correct functioning of non-mains drainage systems has to be checked : a visit is obligatory and regulated by law

Since the passing of the law on "water and aquatic habitats" in 2006, every commune is obliged to make regular checks on the sanitation systems of buildings not on mains drainage.

 If the commune has chosen to transfer the responsibility to the Causses du Quercy Regional Natural Park SPANC, then an employee will arrange a meeting with you so that a regular check can be made to ensure the correct functioning of your system.

How often must a representative of the SPANC visit?

The interval between visits varies according to the type of system, and to the results observed by the SPANC on their previous visit.  (cf. article 5.3 of the service regulations).

How is the date of the visit decided ? Can it be changed ?

 You will receive notice of the visit by post at least seven working days before the date set, along with a copy of the SPANC regulations, in which you will find information as to how these visits are conducted, as well as the regulatory references. Do make sure to contact the SPANC if you wish to change the date and/or the time they have given for the visit. You can use the on-line contact form by clicking here.

How is the visit organised ? Am I obliged to be there ?

This visit, which will take about 30 minutes, will aim to check how well your system is functioning, whatever the the norms may have been at the time when it was installed.  In particular, this will enable the evaluation of the need for you to maintain and empty your system components, and allow the technician to advise you on possible improvements and/or whether you will have to bring your system up to the legal standard required.

 In the light of this, you are asked to make all necessary elements accessible (T's, inspection covers, previous visit stamps, etc..) and to make available to the technician all the information you have about about the installation and upkeep of your system.

You must be present, or have a representative present, whenever there is a visit ; the SPANC will only come in the absence of the proprietor (or representative) on written request made on his/her initiative.

 After this visit, you will receive a written report.

How do I maintain my system ?

 In order to achieve optimum frequency of emptying of your system, you can request the SPANC to carry out a measurement of the sludge. This optional visit will incur a specific charge (see service regulations).

 A complete list of maintenance operations is set out in the maintenance booklet which you can consult opposite.

My system has been judged not to meet the regulations. What do I have to do ?

 If your system is considered not to be compliant with the regulations, and if it presents a danger to the health of others (possible contact with effluent, defective security, etc.,) or a proven environmental risk, improvement works must be undertaken within 4 years.

 If the property is for sale, the buyer must proceed to having the necessary work done to comply with regulations within a year from completion of the sale.

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