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If you want to buy or sell a house...

In case of a sale, a recent report of a visit to check the system's functioning must be provided to the buyer. If the system is not compliant with regulations, the buyer must bring it up to standard within a year.

Presentation of the report in case of sale

Since 1st January 2011, when a building is sold, the vendor must provide the report compiled after the last visit made to check the functioning of the non-mains drainage system, and this dating from less than three years previously.

 This document must be presented to the buyer at the very latest at the signing of the final act of sale.

Making a system compliant or a fresh visit

 If the non-mains drainage system does not comply to the requirements of the regulations in force (order of 27th April 2012), the buyer will be under the obligation to make the system compliant with the norms within one year after the signing of the act of sale.

 If the report is no longer valid (more than three years old), you must contact the SPANC to request a specific visit from the SPANC technicians.


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