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If you have plans involving sanitation

In this section, you will find the procedure to follow if you are planning to build, renovate or extend a house, or you need to bring your non-mains drainage system up to the legally required standard.

Installation request

You have to fill in a "dossier de demande d’installation d’assainissement non collectif" (request form for installing a non-mains drainage system, available from the Mairie, the SPANC or download opposite) and hand it in at your Mairie. Technical advice explaining the various existing sanitation systems is available opposite.

Planning visit

To start with, the SPANC will suggest an on-site meeting. This will enable them to look at the plans for installing or renovating a non-mains drainage system with you to check that they conform to the legal requirements and that they take into account the number of people that may be using the property, the type of occupation, and the constraints imposed by the land itself.

Validation of the plans by the SPANC

You will receive a report after this examination of your plans for installing a non-mains drainage system. The document will include a section which you must submit along with your request for building permission.


Once the plans have been passed by the SPANC, you can choose the firm that you wish to carry out the installation work on the non-mains drainage system, or you can do the work yourself. A list of companies and suppliers of "sanitation" aggregates who have signed up to the Lot Départemental Charter for non-mains drainage systems is available opposite.

Site visit

Once the work is finished, the SPANC has to come and check that the work has been carried out correctly, just before the installation is covered up, so that they can issue you with a certificate of conformity which will be sent to you.

Periodic visits to check correct functioning

Your new installation will then be subject to regular checks on its functioning, as are all the non-mains drainage systems existing in the commune.

How will the service be billed to you ?

The SPANC is a public service, financed by charges to users payable to the Trésor Public after a visit, the amount of these charges varying according to the service provided. A charge is calculated to cover the cost of the SPANC's operation in its entirety. It may be revised annually to take into account grants provided by the Agence de l’Eau Adour-Garonne and variations in cost to the service. These tariffs are set out in the service regulation documents.

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