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Have a taste of the Geopark with the GéoDelices !

Article submitted on 07 Nov 2019

Have you ever bitten a rock ? Do not worry, you will not break your teeth on the delicious creations of the Causses du Quercy Global Geoparc : the GéoDélices !


The Causses du Quercy territory has got a very long geological history of more than 200 million years. Four local craftsmen invite you to discover their creations inspired by the local geology.

Eat the ground of the Causses du Quercy and discover our local flavours (walnut, lavender, saffron, thyme) !

calcite aux noix

Calcites with nuts or exotic flavours

Dark chocolate rocks with roasted walnuts or roasted almonds, crystallized orange peels and rum-macerated grapes.


Where to find them ?

Pâtisserie Lagarde

27 place du Foirail
46160 Cajarc

rose safranée

Pech Merle saffron roses

Dark chocolate candies with a saffron ganache.


Where to find them ?

Pâtisserie Lagarde
27 place du Foirail
46160 Cajarc


calcite belle'noix

Walnut Calcites

Célé Valley soft walnut cakes.


Where to find them ?

Le Fournil des Falaises
46320 Brengues



nodule quercy noix

Quercy Walnut nodule

Golden chocolate candies with a crunchy praline interior mixed with buckwheat shortbreaded and roasted walnut.


Where to find them ?

Pâtisserie Méjecaze
Place de la République
46500 Gramat


Choco’nodule with Causse flavours

Dark chocolate candies with wild thyme or lavender ganache.


Where to find them ?

La Grange aux Truffes
Lieu-dit Le Ratier
46500 Padirac



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