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UNESCO Global Geopark

The Natural Regional Parc of the Causses of Quercy was recognized as a UNESCO worldwide Geopark in May 2017.

The regional geology has left its mark throughout the territory, shaping the identity of the Causses of Quercy and concealing within it some remarkable treasures. Numerous actions are carried out by the Park and its partners to protect and make its heritage known.

What is a Geopark?

The label Geopark is attributed to territories that present a remarkable geological heritage and which lead a project of development and protection of their geological heritage. The action of Geoparks is presented in four parts :

  • Identification, protection, and preservation of geopatrimonies.
  • Education, development, and awareness.
  • "Geotourism.”
  • Cooperation with other geoparks.

 The attainment of the label in May 2017

For Catherine Marlas, President of the Park, "the attainment of the UNESCO label is an international, inestimable distinction and a major development factor for the Causses of Quercy.”

The UNESCO label effectively recognizes the remarkable character of the geological patrimony of the Causses of Quercy and the development and protection project of the territory carried out by the Park since 1999.

This application was determined by several assets :

  • An exceptional paleontological heritage with the group of phosphate caves.
  • The mobilisation and very important support of our partners.
  • The creation of the Natural National Reserve of the Lot, which sets up a working protection tool.
  • A heritage which is the subject of numerous scientific studies.
  • Numerous initiatives of the Park and its partners already in place, the territory having already finally "a Geopark before asking the label …”

The reknown of the label "UNESCO worldwide Geopark” will serve as a real asset for the territory to reinforce its attractiveness and reputation.

A new type of tourism will be developed : the geotourism with an opening towards the international and towards a network of experimental and dynamic territories.

The label will equally solidify the actions of preservation and validation of the geological heritage in the continuity of the national natural reserve in the interest of the geology of the Lot, of which the Park ensures the management.

The network of Geoparks in some statistics : there exist today 127 Geoparks worldwide, of which 72 are in Europe, and six in France. These six territories are all situated in the alpine zone and the eastern portion of the Massif-Central. Three of these territories are also Natural Regional Parks (Geopark of Luberon, Geopark of the Massif des Bauges, and Geopark of the Monts d’Ardèche).

What about a "Geoparc" for "Causses du Quercy"?

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