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The spirit of adventure

The day's schedule : exploring subterranean galleries including a section through a river 60 metres underground.

Manu is waiting for you in the middle of the Causse de Gramat, by the edge of the chasm which will take you deep into the ground. Helmets, wetsuits, ropes and karabiners are ready. Inflatable dinghies are rolled up in canvas bags. Everyone will have to carry one. Manu is your caving guide and caving is his passion. And today, he's going to share it with you !

 Tomorrow, you've planned on doing some climbing on the cliffs of the Lot, or riding an MBK trail in the Braunhe forest, deep in the Park. You'd better think about recharging your batteries, because you're likely to be expending a fair bit of energy today. Still, tomorrow is another day, you'll see. Right now, Manu is handing you the rope for you to abseil down into the cave. Come on, it's your turn….

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