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Here, we grow rocks

In the Causses du Quercy, stone is everywhere, in the landscape as well as in heritage. As the local saying puts it, « here, we grow rocks ». Dolmens, stone walls, caselles (shepherd shelters made of dry stone), blooming everywhere on the causse, are proof that stone definitely is the wealth of this land !

About 5500 years ago, the people of the Neolithic erected massive megalithic tombs : dolmens. There are 365 of them in the Park. From Livernon to Gréalou, from Miers to Limogne, you will discover them as the walking paths go by.

When wandering the villages, you will discover typical rural architecture made of stone : butterfly-shaped washing places, wells, caselles and gariottes (different types of shepherd shelters), dovecotes … And let’s not forget the dry stone low walls, that shaped a network of hundred  of kilometers across the causse.

Do you want to participate in the conservation of this heritage ? The Park and its partner associations often organise wall restoration works. Keep an eye on the animations calendar !

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