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Curious about Nature, eh?

Feel how soft the late afternoon air is ? Have you seen the glowing red colour touching the cliffs ? This is the perfect moment for a walk or a bike ride in the countryside, on your own or with your friends.

Head for the Bouziès towpath, an amazing path hollowed out of the rock at the base of the cliffs along beside the Lot. Then the track rises.

 Up on the Causse, on the bare limestone, there's a pond full of life : salamanders, palmate newts, dragonflies flying locked together to lay their eggs, rushes and ranunculus line the edges. Have you perhaps come across one of the numerous "St. Namphaise lakes" ? A short-toed snake eagle passes silently overhead. A magical moment.

 Night has fallen. The sky is like an open astronomy book, an immense black canvas peopled with innumerable constellations. You feel that you're almost touching the stars. You are on the Causses du Quercy.

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