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When stone is a witness

What about humans ? Arrived in the Causses du Quercy some 200 000 years go (Neandertal) then 35 000 years ago (Homo Sapiens),  humans also left a trace of their passage in stone. There are about twenty painted caves here.

The Pech Merle painted cave, a jewel of prehistoric art, will reveal you 25 000 years-old authentic paintings. Our long-gone ancestors ventured into the depths of the Earth to draw mammoths, horses, buffalos, human figures … And let’s not forget the famous hand that became the symbol of the Park : here, the link from human to stone reveals in all its glory. A must-see !

In Miers, the Archeosite des Fieux also witnesses a very long human occupation. Successively a hutning trap for Neandertal, then a shelter and a place of artistic expression for Homo Sapiens, this natural cavity has been used by humans for 80 000 years. To follow their steps, you can participate to one of the many animations organised on site : silex cut, propeller hunting, cave painting … Prehistory will no longer have secrets for you !

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