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Our GeoSites

Our geological heritage

As Time has passed, each geological event has helped to shape the Park landscape and has left its imprint on the area : fossils, sedimentary layers, traces of waves or tides, limestone pavements, phosphate deposits, caves, underground rivers.. More than 140 "GéoSites"* have been identified on the Causses du Quercy.

 * GéoSite : remarkable site for observing geological phenomena

The stony landscape of the Causse

 As you walk around, you cannot help but notice the omnipresence of stone in the Park's landscape. On the Causses du Quercy, a close link has formed between the limestone rock and Man from prehistoric times onwards : menhirs, dolmens, dry stone walls, cazelles (stone huts), St. Namphaise lakes… This symbiosis has shaped the landscape and the rural architecture of the Park, giving this area its unique character.

Where can you see examples of stone heritage ?

Dolmens de Pech Laglaire à Gréalou ou de la Pierre Martine à Livernon, murets de pierre sèche à Espédaillac…

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