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Stars in your eyes

Have you heard of the "Black Triangle of Quercy "? The "best night sky in metropolitan France" is found above the Causses du Quercy.

A triangular-shaped zone, located in the heart of the Park, is one of the areas with the least amount of light pollution in France. Stars, planets, the Milky Way…. you won't find a better place to observe them !

Light pollution ?

The spread of street lighting, even in rural areas, generates luminous haloes which spoil the purity of the night sky. And the less dark the sky becomes, the more that objects in it become difficult to observe.

Light pollution also has more insidious effects on ecosystems. It perturbs the flora and fauna, which, like us, need a proper, dark night.

In order to preserve this exceptional nocturnal heritage, several of the communes within the Park have committed themselves to turning off their public lighting at a certain time of the night and/or are installing more efficient street lamps ; others have also signed up to a charter for the protection of the environment and of the night sky.

So far, 32 towns and villages within the Park have won awards in the competition "Villes et villages étoilés" :

Aujols, Beauregard, Belmont-Sainte-Foi, Bouziès, Brengues, Cabrerets, Calès, Calvignac, Carlucet, Cénevières, Concots, Corn, Couzou, Cremps, Espagnac-Sainte-Eulalie, Espédaillac, Flaujac-Poujols, Fontanes-du-Causse, Lalbenque, Larnagol; Le Bastit, Lentillac-du-Causse, Limogne-en-Quercy, Nadillac, Orniac, Puyjourdes, Saint-Chels, Saint-Martin-de-Vers, Saint-Sulpice, Sauliac-sur-Célé, Sénaillac-Lauzès and Vaylats.

We told you that the night was different on the Causses du Quercy !

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