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GR and Santiago de Compostela Pilgrim Ways

The area is crossed by the Puy Pilgrim Way (via Podiensis) or GR65. Two other variants enable you to explore the Célé and Lot valleys via the GR651, and Rocamadour via the GR6.

Coming from Conques, the GR65 follows the Lot valley, goes up to Figeac and heads towards Cahors after crossing the Causse de Limogne. On this path, the Pech-Laglaire 2 dolmen and the sections between Bach and Cahors and between Faycelles and Cajarc have been listed as UNESCO World Heritage in the context of "The St James Pilgrim Ways in France".

The Célé and Lot valley variant (GR 651) goes through Espagnac-Sainte-Eulalie, Marcilhac sur Célé and Saint Cirq Lapopie, then goes down to Cahors. The verdant valleys contrast strongly with the Causses du Quercy limestone plateaux.

The GR6 crosses Thémines and Gramat and leads pilgrims to Rocamadour. This sanctuary dedicated to Mary has been an important place of pilgrimage to the Black Virgin since the 11th C.

Another variant from Rocamadour, the GR 46, crosses the central Causse and drops down into the Lot Valley to bring you to Cahors.



St-Jacques dans le Lot - PNRCQ

Whilst on the road, choose stopovers and accommodation carrying the "Marque Parc" : they will give you a warm welcome, and will be able to pass on their knowledge of, and love for, this area.

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Look up the Practical Information Guide on the Lot Tourisme website.
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