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Scenic tours to explore our truffle-producing heritage

A cycling tour and a round walk (or MBK trail), devised by the Park in partnership with the Lalbenque truffle market "Site of Remarkable Taste", takes you to explore the landscapes and truffle-growing heritage of the Lalbenque area, renowned for growing the Tuber Melanosporum, the black winter truffle.

The cycle tour, 23 kms in all (3 hrs.) and of average difficulty, takes you through the villages of Lalbenque, Cieurac and Laburgade via a superb route going up over the causses and down the valleys, with 9 stops on the way.

The walking/MBK trail, 9 kms in all without any particular difficulty, can be done in 2 ½ hours, including stops at the six places suggested on the itinerary.

At each of these stops, you can learn about our truffle-growing heritage (a young truffle plantation, a mature one, an abandoned one, an experimental truffle orchard) as well as local architectural heritage : Château de Pauliac, Château de Cieurac, the laundry-trough in Outriol, the Laburgade "wells path", the Lalbenque dry sheep pastures….

There are two ways to get the information about these viewpoints via internet : download the pages beside this, or scan the QrCodes printed on the signs at each of the stops with your smartphone ; or you can go to the Lalbenque-Limogne Intercommunal Tourist Office and get a free printed brochure if you prefer.


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