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The Lac de Bannac Observatory

Come bird-watching from the observatory of Bannac lake in the south-east of the Park, within the commune of Laramière.

The Bannac lake site is a stretch of water with tree-lined banks set amongst a patchwork of meadows outlined by trees/hedges.

The lake is used by a wide variety of birds making a halt during migration or overwintering. Thirty or so species of the "wetland" type have been recorded on the site since 1994, including numerous anatidae, charadrii, and other species such as the Water rail and Reed bunting. The Osprey is a regular visitor.

The shoreline trees and nearby woodland have been home to a colony of ardeidae since 1998. There are now more than 31 pairs of Grey Herons. Black-crowned Night Herons and Cattle Egrets reproduce here regularly.

As for amphibians, ten species reproduce on this site, including the Midwife toad, the Fire Salamander, the Natterjack toad and the Common parsley frog.

About twenty species of odonatoptera have been recorded on the site, including the Blue-eyed Hawker, the Emerald Damselfly and the Southern Darter.

You may also come across 3 reptile species : the Grass Snake, the Common Wall Lizard and the Western Green Lizard.

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