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Explore a lively, welcoming area !

"Great Sites" and remarkable villages

 Iconic, grandiose or intimate, three of the "Great Sites" of Midi-Pyrénées are the geographical and cultural gateways to the Causses du Quercy Regional Natural Park : Rocamadour, a holy place of pilgrimage ; Saint Cirq Lapopie and Pech Merle, the pearls of the Lot Valley ; and the Dordogne Valley.

Many of the villages around these "Great Sites" have preserved their character intact : secretive and rugged on the causse, rich and verdant in the valleys.

Set off to explore them with your family !

 Suitable activities and places to visit have been selected so that, in company with your children, you can find out all about the heritage of the Quercy Causses….

Walk, ride, go boating, climbing, be active…

 A favourite with ramblers, the Regional Natural Park is also a life-size adventure park for leisure sports activities. There are many activities on offer, combining fun, discoveries and thrills : pilgrim ways on the Santiago trail, caving, climbing or canoeing…

Natural habitats to observe

 This area has diverse, remarkably unspoilt landscapes and natural habitats which are particularly rich in flora and fauna.

A "dark triangle"  to contemplate in the heart of the Park

 The clear skies of Quercy reveal their loveliest stars to those who wish to observe them.

Explore the underground world !

 The Quercy Causses are honeycombed with caverns, caves and "igues" (a local word meaning "pothole"), hollowed out of the hard limestone rocks. Quercy is one of the main centres in France for caving.

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