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Quercy Saffron

Valued in the past for its properties as a dye, Quercy Saffron is used in cooking to bring colour and flavour to both savoury and sweet dishes.

The History of Saffron

 Grown in Quercy since the Middle Ages, saffron production reached its height in the 15th-18th C. before declining. Some years ago, the cultivation of saffron in Quercy was relaunched. Saffron (crocus sativus linnaeus) is a perennial pant 20 to 40 cm high with bluish-mauve flowers. Its pistils, separated and dried, constitute the famous "red gold". It is used to make jams, syrups, sorbets…. It also colours and flavours other foods such as chestnut cream, knuckle of ham, tripe….

 "Les Safraniers du Quercy" Producers' Association

 Formed in 1999, this Association now brings together more than 80 producers. It is committed to pursuing quality, moving towards obtaining Label Rouge status and PGI (Protected Geographical identification).

 Every year in October at saffron harvest time, it organises the Quercy Saffron Festival in Cajarc.

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