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Quercy Black Truffles

The " Pays de Lalbenque" is the main area of production for the Black Truffle of Quercy. The truffle market in Lalbenque is designated a "Place of Remarkable Taste". Market held on Tuesdays, December to late February.


The history of the truffle

Truffle production underwent a very rapid expansion at the end of the 19th C. Keen to exploit all the land available, many small farmers had planted vines on every least little hillside. After their sudden destruction by the phylloxera bug, the "tuber melanosporum", which likes open land, found just the right growing conditions for itself in the devastated vineyards. It generously dispensed its powerful aromas until the 1960's, when the mechanisation of agriculture provoked a decline which, unfortunately, has not been reversed since then. Nowadays, science has a better understanding of the the conditions in which the truffle develops. In Lalbenque, passionately enthusiastic truffle-growers are working on its revival, and to make it better known.

Discovering the Truffle Day :

Marché aux truffes

The "Place of Remarkable Taste" Association, the truffle-growers' union and the Tourist Office together put on truffle-themed events : guided visits to find out about truffles, with a demonstration of how to find them,  cookery lessons, meals, etc.

Every Tuesday from December to February :

  •  10.00 - Video "Truffles and Truffle-Growing" With commentary by a truffle producer.
  •  14.00 - Visit the truffle market (unaccompanied)

Truffle growers set up their stalls in view of the buyers, crowded behind the rope separating them from the stalls.

 When the whistle blows, the rope falls, and negotiations start….

  • 15.30 - Truffle-hunting demonstration (weather permitting)

Truffle-hunting with the help of a dog or a pig.….

Information and booking :

Lalbenque - Limogne Tourist Office


46230 LALBENQUE - Tél. 05 65 31 50 08 -

Association du Site Remarquable du goût du marché aux truffes de Lalbenque

This association's aim is to create synergy between the various bodies and people concerned with the Lalbenque truffle market (Pays de Lalbenque Tourist Office, truffle-growers' unions, restaurateurs, accommodation providers, Lycée Agricole du Montat, conservers…) and to promote the product.

It organises events (giant omelette in July),  and also cookery lessons, itineraries for people to follow on the theme of the black truffle….


Contact :
Place de la bascule
46230 Lalbenque

Syndicat des trufficulteurs de Lalbenque

In the middle of last century, truffle-growing was a complementary farming activity, with each farmer taking all the various crops that he produced to the markets in Lalbenque. This diversity did not enable the exceptional nature of the black truffle to be properly highlighted. To remedy this situation, some of the truffle-growers and the municipality of Lalbenque decided in 1961 to form the Lalbenque Area truffle-growers' union, with  the following objectives :

  • Help and protection for producers.
  • The study and trial of techniques enabling the improvement of truffle production.
  • The setting up of a single market to take place in the street where the truffle market is held.
  • The provision of a proper commercial environment for buyers, by making the operation more professional.
Contact :
Syndicat des trufficulteurs de Lalbenque
Mairie 46230 LALBENQUE -
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